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Supply papers and analytical papers. Options that come with annotation and summarization

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Supply papers and analytical papers. Options that come with annotation and summarization

With regards to the nature of this processing regarding the information contained in them, you will find papers of two sorts: supply documents and analytical documents.

Two types of papers: analytical and supply papers

1. supply documents are papers, that have the initial record of information obtained in the act of research, development, observation, analysis or other kinds of individual task, no matter its nature or material. The division of papers into supply and analytical is mainly arbitrary, because the exact same document may include information that is pertaining to the initial and 2nd team because well. Hence, those regarded as being unconditionally the origin forms of documents are research reports, task papers, monographs, etc., may include, along side initial information or information formerly incorporated into other source papers if not analytical papers.

2. Analytical documents are papers, that are acquired as a consequence of analytical-synthetic and processing that is logical of or information found in supply papers. Samples of analytical documents are guide publications and encyclopedias, abstracts and publications that are abstract bibliographic magazines, indexes and lists, studies (the exclusion is the alleged reports that are analytical, etc.

Supply papers being found in annotations and abstracts

Supply papers have direct link between development and research, new systematic information or brand new knowledge of understood facts and some ideas.

The origin document is any product medium that directly records any outcome of real life cognition or religious, imaginative and informational tasks (in the shape of a description of facts, relations among them, identified habits, principles, hypotheses, etc.). (more…)