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Thai Marriage Registration

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Thai Marriage Registration

Wedding Enrollment Procedures In Thailand

Thai marriage registration differs based on nationality. The Thai wedding may be solemnized with or with no Betrothal Ceremony in ritual way as well as through court. The betrothal ceremony is absolutely absolutely nothing however a promise to marry as well as in the type of an understanding.

The contract works well only once the person provides engagement home towards the woman as evidence. The injured celebration is eligible to claim damages in the case of breach regarding the betrothal contract.


Partners that are wanting to marry need to have the eligibility that is following get hitched in Thailand:

  • Either of those really should not be significantly less than 17 years old or should really be in marriageable age with respect to your legislation enforced out of your home nation. The Court may, in case there is having appropriate explanation, permit them to marry before attaining age that is such. (more…)