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2nd Spouses Club’s Veronika Obeng Already Divorced From Dr. Michael Obeng Over Inf

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2nd Spouses Club’s Veronika Obeng Already Divorced From Dr. Michael Obeng Over Inf

Veronika Obeng is featuring on 2nd Wives Club because the THIRD spouse, of Dr. Michael Obeng, an effective beverly hills synthetic doctor, but the truth is stranger than truth television because now Veronika is obviously his third ex-wife!

Not only this, but Michael attemptedto block the E! show from airing particular episodes claiming he failed to subscribe to a show to help make their wedding look bad. Um, think about look genuine? Cause your lady caught you cheating, guy!

Veronika and Michael, who possess 3 children together (and five from prior marriages) filed for breakup in July 2016, after Veronika discovered Michael’s affair via a key instagram web page owned by their mistress. That’s worse than being dumped on a note that is post-it appropriate?


Unfortunately Second spouses Club ended up being filming amid Veronika’s breakthrough and she chose to make Michael’s infidelity public knowledge. Hell hath no fury like a lady scorned on reality television!

That wasn’t okay with Michael. In case, he claims the show was “staged” and place them in false circumstances made to embarrass their reputation. “The Series ended up being absolutely absolutely nothing concerning the couple’s marriage… that is happy alleges Michael’s issue. “The Defendants constantly staged Plaintiff in synthetic circumstances and demanded Plaintiff to take part in disputes which were frequently fraudulent and misleading.”

Range reports that Dr. Obeng, through their lawyer, delivered a page to E! in August ’16 arguing that the “unrealistic and personality that is manufactured” the network forced upon him might be bad for their company once aired. He additionally demanded that he and their kids be retroactively taken from the show. Interestingly, their page mentions Second spouses Club as being called “Famously Married.”